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If you're here looking for the perfect wife, I've got bad news for ya... I'm the least likely person to show you how it's done. This show is a selfish excuse to ask a handful of inspiring friends what they think it means to be a GREAT wife, and I can't wait to share our conversations with you here. About The Host: My name is Jessie Pepper and I host a podcast with my husband called Marriage is Funny (BECAUSE IT IS), and we air our dirty laundry over there because even after 9 years... we're still figuring this whole thing out just like everybody else. Bottom line? We’ve learned that Great LOVE is better than perfect love and when things get tough -- belly laughs and bear hugs make everything better. Find out more about both shows at +!
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Nov 28, 2016

Jessie Artigue and Erin Loechner chat about everything from murphy beds to brain tumors.

In this episode you’ll hear about...

  • Meaningful surprises. Whether it’s a bad first impression or a day-to-day squeeze in the middle of the kitchen. We’ve both learned that not all initial reactions are accurate, but being open to where life might take you can lead to some incredible gifts.
  • Honor + respect. Recognizing your partner's priorities and taking care not to tarnish their pride. Being a good student to learn more about what makes them tick and then actually trying not to push their buttons.
  • Frustration during a fight. How to keep your temper from getting the best of you while the shit hits the fan. Alternatively, saying “I don’t care” just to end an argument is nearly just as bad.
  • The fragility of life. Acknowledging that everything on earth is temporary to some extent, but we should not let this control our lives or our love for one another.

“The only real way to honor this life together is to not let the weight of it cripple you during the difficult moments.”

  • Forsaking date night. This is not as dangerous as it sounds! If it doesn’t feel like a big deal to you or your partner, it’s better to avoid the “should” and do what’s best for you.
  • Keeping an open mind when it comes to committing to continual love no matter who your partner evolves into as you grow together. (Hear Jessie + Gerard talk more about the “growing together” metaphor right here.)

“You have to really overcome that deep rooted belief that we’re not enough and decide that the other person loves you just the way that you are.”

To Erin, Great Love means taking care of yourselves as a unit, serving each other from a place of gratitude, and offering up the grace that comes from giving each other the benefit of the doubt.

Find out more about Erin on her website Design for Mankind, and order her book called Chasing Slow