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If you're here looking for the perfect wife, I've got bad news for ya... I'm the least likely person to show you how it's done. This show is a selfish excuse to ask a handful of inspiring friends what they think it means to be a GREAT wife, and I can't wait to share our conversations with you here. About The Host: My name is Jessie Pepper and I host a podcast with my husband called Marriage is Funny (BECAUSE IT IS), and we air our dirty laundry over there because even after 9 years... we're still figuring this whole thing out just like everybody else. Bottom line? We’ve learned that Great LOVE is better than perfect love and when things get tough -- belly laughs and bear hugs make everything better. Find out more about both shows at +!
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Dec 12, 2016

Whitney English and Jessie Pepper chat about everything from awkward halloween costumes to honest conversations about commitment. early bird specials. how to work your parents for a free dinner.

In this episode you’ll hear us talk about:

  • Making your man work for it. Whitney led her husband David on a hot pursuit for her hand in marriage. He almost let her get away, and the potential regret was what finally made him get serious.

  • Letting your past impact the present. Things we have said and heard and done are what lay the foundation for our current decisions.

  • Scheduling woes. Being intentional about where you spend your time is a futile effort if you’re constantly double booking things that conflict with your partner’s calendar. Considering the disparity between how much each person prioritizes this part of their life can be helpful.
  • Personal growth amidst a partnership. When one spouse is constantly seeking self-improvement, it can sometimes cause the other to feel stubborn and defensive. Once the person continues to see benefits within your own life, they are often more open to the idea of optimizing their own.
  • Embracing imperfect. Whitney was inspired to explore this idea during her time at the OnSite workshop experience. Her journey continued while reading The Birth Order Book. Being a perfectionist might be tough for a perfectionist to admit… because it would mean acknowledging that they are indeed, less than perfect. Two more books on this topic that Whitney recommends: When Your Best Isn’t Good Enough + The Now Habit.
  • How to get through a week of epic business failure. David stepped up to the plate by working three jobs, and Whitney started scraping together ways to make money with every chance she had. Learning to live within very modest means helped them budget consciously, and they still love to let their parents take them to dinner as a way to save money.
  • Reserving enough energy for your partner. Be quick to say “no” unless you’re positive that it’s something that will serve the relationship or the family. Having a great support team helps in terms of delegating your duties to make enough time for each other. Taking the time to be together (away from real life and responsibilities) can be a game changer.
  • Anticipation is often the best part of any event. Whether it’s sex or sushi-dinners at the restaurant down the street, our chance to look forward to something special can make what ever it is feel THAT much more exciting. Tune into the Marriage is Funny episodes about sex here and here.
  • Marriage vision-boarding. When we pass the big milestones that most wives look forward to, it’s helpful to have a goal of something to aim for when the relationship gets strained or stagnant. Ask yourself: What do you want your marriage to look like and what is it going to take to get there?
  • Strengths + weaknesses. Your goal as a spouse should be to minimize each other’s weaknesses and maximize each other’s strengths.


Whitney says: “Great Love is making sure that we show our kids that love can be a blast. David and I are on a mission to make that real within our family.” 


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