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If you're here looking for the perfect wife, I've got bad news for ya... I'm the least likely person to show you how it's done. This show is a selfish excuse to ask a handful of inspiring friends what they think it means to be a GREAT wife, and I can't wait to share our conversations with you here. About The Host: My name is Jessie Pepper and I host a podcast with my husband called Marriage is Funny (BECAUSE IT IS), and we air our dirty laundry over there because even after 9 years... we're still figuring this whole thing out just like everybody else. Bottom line? We’ve learned that Great LOVE is better than perfect love and when things get tough -- belly laughs and bear hugs make everything better. Find out more about both shows at +!
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Dec 15, 2016

This episode is a quick recap of my chat with Jamie Ivey from Episode 9.0.

Her words were so inspiring, and here are some of the things that have been on my heart since we talked:

+  No one is completely immune to temptation, but loving each other well looks like trusting our partner instead of constantly trying to be good enough for them to stay.

+  Time to resurrect our (nearly non-existant) "date nights" with a few creative ideas, and Jamie has inspired me to sprinkle some romance into my typical quality time with Gerard.

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XO - Jessie